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Crimson Love Levi x Reader part 31
~He looks like that Michelin mascot~
You turned to look at Levi and saw that he was almost done there. You went inside because there was something that was bothering you.
“Dr. Nefario, there is something that I want to ask you.”
“Shoot dear”
“Um, ok, Levi’s got some strange marks on his neck...what are they?”
“I haven’t seen them...May I?”
“Go ahead…” said Levi visibly annoyed and totally fed up with all this I’m your new guinea pig situation.
“Well, this one is where he got the titan serum,” he said as he pointed to the little black dot.
“What about the others?” you ask.
“Well, I must say that I have never seen such big needle in my entire career…”
You looked again at the 6 dotted scars that were on Levi’s neck, next to his feather marks, still wondering what they gave him.
“That’s how they erased my memory
:iconpagesofmylife:pagesofmylife 12 20
Crimson Love LevixReader part 30
~For you~
Levi went into the testing room and the new crazy scientist that Erwin hired asked Levi to take off his shirt and to lie down on the table.
You wanted to go inside and be by his side but he didn’t agree.
“Ok, I’ll be behind the window, don’t dissect him ok? I want him back in one piece”
“Oh, oh, big plans for tonight I guess...Don’t worry, I’ll just check his reflexes and the structure of his muscles, and take a blood sample”
You shot him a glare before you joined Erwin outside. Eren and Mikasa came as well, they wanted to see Levi, and chat a little with him.
“Hi, F/n!” said both of them. “How are you feeling?” asked Eren.
“I’m just tired, but I’m happy that he is ok now” you say as you sneak another glance at Levi.
“How was he when you found him?” Eren asks.
“He didn’t know who I was, he thought his name was Alexander.
:iconpagesofmylife:pagesofmylife 14 14
Future Entanglement [Levi | Reader|Modern/Past AU]
I felt something squeezing me tightly and even when I fought to push it off, the person's grip was too stong for my pity attempt.
"Levi..." I mumbled, fully knowing which iron grip I was in. "Let go of my waist. You're sqeezing the life out of me." I scolded him groggily, trying to keep my eyes shut, but his grip not only remained, it doubled its strenght and I huffed.
My beloved raven mumbled something ever so unaudible, making me think he just mashed up the words pretty badly due to him not being a morning person. Or the one to be scolded early in the morning.
"At least give a proper re--" I opened my eyes, on my way to turn around and face Mr. Grumpy, but my movements froze the moment I saw the view in front of me. "-spond." I finished my sentence with a mare whisper, just above the sound of a falling needle. My eyes were wide and my mouth hung open, because I didn't think I was able to close it.
"Brat, what the fuck do you--" Levi croaked out in his husky morning voice, while letti
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 21 8
Mature content
Reader x Levi - Smut!The Contest :iconmythiica:Mythiica 62 31
Crimson Love LevixReader part 29
~I still love you…~
“It’s alright, that’s why I am here” you said squeezing his hand.
“F/n, I-”
“We are going to fix this…” “I forgive you Levi…”
“Well, I don’t…” he whispered guiltily.
“I know…” you say as you look at him. He looked at you with a questioning look in his eyes. “Kinda your move” you clarified.
“I’m so sorry F/n…” he said as he hugged you tightly.
“Aaa...easy buddy”
“Ugh...sorry,.” said Levi as he quickly let go, looking very uncomfortable. You took his arms and wrap them around your waist and leaned against his chest.
“This is ok” you said as you looked up at him.
“Ok…” said Levi as he pressed a kiss against your hairline.
“Here” you say as you hand him his car keys.
“What are these for?”
:iconpagesofmylife:pagesofmylife 13 20
Kinky | Levi Ackerman x Reader AU
    “Oh, come on. Please, babe?” you asked Levi as you pressed your body up against his as he sat in his chair, reading his newspaper as usual.
    “Shut up, brat, I’m trying to read,” he snapped as he pushed you away, never taking his gaze off of the newspaper.
    “Please, Levi? You were gone for three days and now that you’re finally back I wanted to have some fun.”
    “I’m not in the mood right now.”
    “Oh, really? Well, maybe if we used these you’ll get in the mood. We can get really kinky with them,” you said with a smirk as you revealed two pairs of handcuffs to him. Finally averting his gaze away from the newspaper, a smirk of his own spread across his lips when he saw the little toys you had.
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 60 32
Mature content
Not Okay (LevixDepressed!Reader) :iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 34 19
Sickly Sweet Love (Vampire!Levi x Reader) (AU)
Everything about her starting from her french vanilla aroma with a hint of honey and her sickly sweet crimson blood allured the onyx haired man closer to the verge of madness, it was an itch that needed to scratched and she was the cure.
The more he got to sink his sharp teeth into her (s/c) skin, he would feel such a jubilant feeling run through his heart and it almost threw him over the edge, so much that it was hard to contain himself.
Of course she wasn't the first victim he'd feasted upon but her blood was so satisfactory, so sugary yet not too sweet which made him crave more and more.
She was an addiction, a drug, and he needed more of her to ease his impulse. Of course, he did not love only her blood but also her beautiful enticing features that was one more reason he'd loved her dearly.
He had told himself that he needed stop because he knew that if he continued, he'd drink her to death, yet, blinded by his hunger for her blood, he never let those thoughts interfere.
He lo
:iconxxwinter-rosesxx:xXWinter-RosesXx 81 9
We Can Try Again (Levi x f!Reader) (AU)
Her heart was jumping around in excitement when she came home from the doctor. Her smile was warm and bubbly as she pulled her husband into a hug from behind. She couldn't describe how happy she was.
"What is it?" Levi, her husband asked her, because he didn't know what going to the doctor was so exciting about. "Levi...were gonna...were gonna be parents!" she cried hugging him again.
He felt a warm wave sweep over him not knowing if it was her body heat or the joy that put a smile on his grim face. She had never felt this happy before.
She was the happiest girl alive.
"Hey Levi"
"Can you help me look for baby clothes please?"
He groaned, pulling away from the cleaning supplies and facing you. Your gleaming eyes read over the cute little phrases on the baby clothes unable to decide which one was the cutest.
Levi looked at the baby clothes, his grey orbs reading over the little phrases. You giggled slightly when you found a cute onesie that said '
:iconxxwinter-rosesxx:xXWinter-RosesXx 82 31
These Are The Lies (Levi x Reader) [AU]
Listen to this as you read~: [link]
Warning: VERY slight sexual content, nothing extreme
I don't love you
I don't need you
I don't ever wanna see you again
'Cause girl I moved on
And things are perfect

He was absolutely amazing.
He was both physically and financially, and somehow emotionally. Though you knew you were outnumbered by the swarms of girls that practically followed him like lost puppies, going as far as snapping pictures of him and squealing at their 'achievement' of getting a picture of him. But he never acted like he was interested in any of them, seemingly never even paying attention to a single one of them. 
Then again, you were the one that he seemed to actually have some interest in, he was always alluring you back into his protective grasp. Seemingly giving you pleasure through gentle touches and sweet embraces, and the way his hot breath tickled
:iconxxwinter-rosesxx:xXWinter-RosesXx 76 23
Million Dollar Man | LeviXReader | 1950's!AU
One for the money, and two for the show
I love you honey, I'm ready, I'm ready to go.
Blank (E/c) eye's studied the slight smirk of a man of status and wealth, besuited in black as he ordered another round of liqour for the table he sat at. Said man was in the company of other men wearing similar attire, all discussing the topics of wealth. Although he had a lack of height, he still held his head high and it was obvious that he was the leader of this posse.
She was a withering soul, heartbroken and alone. A perfect epitome of beauty and talent gone to waste. He hadn't noticed her yet and that's how she preferred it to be, for she was once the lover of this man. More so, the lover of who this man used to be.
They had met on a bitterly cold winters night, she was walking home alone after another late night shift at the bar when she had encountered him. As she passed a single lampost, (H/C) locks flowing in the wind, her pretty eyes locked onto a pair of cobalt ones that ha
:iconpeggy-san:Peggy-San 33 18
Crimson Love LevixReader part 28
~I just wanna keep callin' your name~
“Take one step closer and I swear I’m gonna put you down. And my name is Alexander.” Levi warned in a cold emotionless voice.
You searched your pockets and took out the picture that was once framed.
“Look, you took this picture with me, back then when we were training together,” you say as you flash him the picture.
He stopped in his tracks and approached you with caution. He took the picture from your hand but without even looking at it. He took advantage of being closer to you and kicked the back of your knee, making you fall forward, but with his right hand he grabbed your arm, and twisted it. The sound of breaking bones reaching his ears.
“Aaagh!” you scream in agony. Tears rolling down your cheeks.
You turn to look at him, expecting to get hit by a punch, but he stopped. He was staring wide-eyed at the picture that was lying in front of him.
“Please don’t hur
:iconpagesofmylife:pagesofmylife 15 7
Reader x Levi - Love Letters
Reader x Levi - Love Letters
Warning for language

August 7
My Dearest Levi,
         I love you. That is all.
Signed your fiancée,
(F/n) (Soon-to-be) Ackerman
August 9
Must you send me such pointless letters?
Lance Corporal Levi
August 13
Mr. Grouch
Do they to bring a smile to your face at least?
I have recieved word of the failed expedition that you recently returned from. Knowing you, please do not blame yourself for their deaths. They knew the risks of war before pledging their lives to the army. Remember why we bother to fight the Titans in the first place. I know the reason I still have hope to make the dream of one day having little feet running around a house and you chasing them. Wouldn't that be a sight? I swear I've fantasized about a possible future more than filling out blasted paperwork.
Wishing you well,
The very formal
Coporal (F/n) (L/n), Military Police
August 14
To the esteemed idiot, Corporal (F/n) (L/n)
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 83 60
Love the Way You Lie Part 3 (Levi x Reader)
A/N: Yep...this is it. This is the end. 
I have tried to write this piece many, many different times. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted it to end - there were tons of paths I could've gone. This one felt right, though. And I hope you agree. (and WARNING, contains some coarse language.)

:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 101 55
Love the Way You Lie Part 2 (Levi x Reader)
If you haven't already, please read Part 1
And please listen here!

Also, this could technically be a stand-alone piece as well.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn

But that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
    It had been two months since Levi had woken up from all the destruction of that night and promised he would quit his drinking. And he had done exactly that. He couldn’t bear t
:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 241 245
Love the Way You Lie (Angry!Drunk!Levi x Reader)
Please listen to this  as you read!!
WARNING FOR COARSE LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE IN THE FORM OF ABUSE. If it bothers you, exit the story. You have been warned. 

On the first page of our story

The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don’t know why I’m still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you’ll always be my hero
Even though you’ve lost your mind
    Levi sat alone on the sofa, the room getting darker with each minute that passed. He sat there, his steely eyes staring at the liquor bottle that he gripped in his pale hands. Three hours. But you still weren’t home. Levi knew he couldn’t deny the truth that ate away
:iconthe-elemental-writer:the-elemental-writer 362 104

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So I was tagged by pagesofmylife (Still can't believe that someone thought about me T^T ) Party

1. Real Name: Maria 

2. Nickname: no,but I always wanted one :c Sniff

3. Favorite Color: Blueeeee Bullet; Blue

4. Male or female?: Female

5. Elementary/Primary School: Completed

6. Middle/Secondary School: Completed

7. High School/College-Sixth Form: Completed

8. College/University: 2nd year :3 Reading

9. Hair Color: Silver

10. Tall or Short?: 5'6" 

11. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera?: Phone

13. Health or Freak?: eeeeeeh?

14. Orange or Apple?: Apple 

15. Fucked off Elsewhere: uhm what ._. ?

16. Guy friends or Girl Friends?: Both

17. Piercings?: Ear piercings,Nostril and Septum piercings

18. Pepsi or Coke?: Coke

19. Have you been on an airplane?: No,I'm so afraid :c 

20. Have you been in a relationship?: Yes

21. Have you been in a car accident?: Thank god,no

22. Have you been in a fist fight?: No Turbo poke

23. First Piercing?: Ears

24. Best Friend(s): I used to have some but now no.

25. First Award:I won a medal once in a football game ( I was sitting on the beanch,but it still counts,right?)

26. First Crush: Uhm,I dont remember

27. First Word: dunno :c

28. Any Talent(s)?: I can do this : Nuu

29. Last person you talked to?: my sister 

30. Last person you texted?: John

31. Last person you watched a movie with?: My sister 

32. Last thing you ate?: pizza HeartHeartHeart

33. Last movie/TV show you watched?: rings/the ring 3

34. Last song you listened to?: Ice Nine Kills- The Simple Act of Giving up HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

35. Last thing you bought?: A dress

36. Last person you hugged?: My sister and a friend (group hug)


37. Food: Pizza

38. Drink: I dont drink 

39. Bottoms: ?

40. Flower: roses Flowerpot

41. Animal: foxes or cats (I cant choose T^T ) Kitty-chan

42. Music: Rock

43. Movie: Dunno Popcorn

Have you ever...

45. Fallen in love with someone? yes

46. Celebrated Halloween?: no Pumpkin

47. Had your heart broken?: *picking up the pieces of my broken heart* no 8-) (Cool) 

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?: Yeah

49. Had someone like you?: yes

50. Hated the way someone changed?: yup

51. Got pg?: what?

52. Had an abortion?: No.

53. Did something you regret?: We all do.

54. Broken a promise?: yes

55. Hid a secret?: yes Ninja

56. Pretend to be happy?: Happy cry (Tears of joy)

57. Met someone who has changed your life?: not yet

58. Pretended to be sick?: When I didn't want to go to school

59. Left the country?: No 

60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it ?: no XD

61. Cried over the silliest thing?: you just described my life in one sentence Dance!

62. Ran a mile?: Yeah

63. Gone to the beach with your best friend?: 2 years ago

64. Gotten into an argument with your friends?: yeah..

65. Disliked someone?: Some people

66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf?: No


67. Eating: nothing

68. Drinking: peach iced tea

69. Listening to: FFH - Undone Jamming to mah stereo

70. Sitting or laying?: Laying

71. Plans for today?:  Sleeping all day Sleep

72. Waiting for: Summer,Snk season 2 :squee: 

73. Want kids?: Yeap

74. Want to get married?:Yes

75. Want to travel?: Of course

 What do you look for in a partner? 

76. Lips or eyes?: Eyes

77. Shorter or taller?: Both

78. Younger or older?: Both

79. Romantic or spontaneous?: Both

80. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive

81. Hook-up or relationship?: Relationship

82. Looks or personality?: Personality

 Have you ever...

83. Lost glasses?: No

84. Snuck out of the house?: nope

85. Held a gun/knife in self-defence?: No 

86. Killed somebody?: (*hides the gun and the body* )Ninja Battle! (jk ofcGiggle)

87. Broke someone's heart?: Unfortunately I did 

88. Been in love?: Yes

89. Cried when someone dies?: Yes

Do you believe in...

90. Yourself?: Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3 

91. Miracles?: Yes

92. Love at first sight?: Yes

93. Heaven?: yes

94. Santa Claus?:Wait,what?Santa isn't real?Santa Clause

95. Aliens?: No

96. Ghosts/angels?: Ghost, no. Angels? yes Floating


97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now?: Yes

98. Do you know who your real friends are?: No

99. Do you believe in God?: Yes

100. Post as 100 Truths and tag 5 people: 



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