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Mature content
Fervor: Levi x Reader [LEMON] :iconsmuttypumkin:smuttypumkin 27 5
Mature content
Tough and Wanted|Levi x Reader :iconagathatsip:AgathaTsip 1 0
My Regretful Tomorrow's (Levi x Reader)
You stood in the center of the room, gracefully twirling as the edges of your skirt lifted itself gently, creating a mirage of circles around your waist. Levi watched you in absolute awe from where he stood. He came closer to you, steadily and slowly, careful not to scare you. You eyes opened to meet his, as if you already knew he was there. A mischievous grin stretched from ear to ear.
“______...” His whispers melted with the air around him, but before they could entirely dissipate, you ears took in his soft velvety voice.
You said nothing but just smiled at him before running past him, giggling at his shocked expression. You stopped and stared at him again,
“Wait!” He started following you, breaking out into a small run when he saw that you picked up the pace.
He found himself in front of the living room with you perched on the couch cross-legged. You made no movement to acknowledge when he started to sit next to you. He studied your expression; you eyes remai
:iconconselyea:Conselyea 331 129
Close Your Eyes (LevixReader) 2/2
“(First) (Last), sir,” you said, saluting.
Everything clicked, and it was Levi’s turn to be shocked. His eyes widened as they scanned you.
“(Name)?” He asked in disbelief. You nodded.
“’s me.”
Close Your Eyes Part 2
(You’re your own age now, yay!)
“You know her?” Erwin asked, surprised by Levi’s shocked expression.
“Yes,” he replied. “She lived in the Underground.”
Erwin shrugged. “Well, I suppose we’ve seen great things come from the Underground before,” he said. “Come. There are still other recruits awaiting inspection.” Levi nodded and followed the tall blonde.
As the inspections continued, Levi found himself constantly looking back at you. You were no longer that helpless five year-old he found in the alley of the Underground; you were now a full-fledged member of the Survey Corps; the thought scar
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 24 14
Close Your Eyes (LevixChild!Reader) 1/2
(You are five years old and living in the Underground in this fic.)
You looked around, hopelessly lost. You couldn’t find your parents anywhere, and you had been searching relentlessly for days.
You had been kidnapped by a couple of thugs who had intended to sell you in the black market, but you had managed to escape. Luckily, the men were often drunk, so you were able to easily sneak away while they were passed out.
You had tried to go home, but you had never been outside by yourself before, so you did not know the way. You had been walking in circles for days with no success.
You painfully clutched your empty stomach, and tears welled up in your eyes. You couldn’t go on much longer like this. You were cold, hungry, and alone. You sat against a wall in the alley, convinced that you were going to die here. After all, that fate was to be expected of a deserted child in the Underground.
Levi was cleaning the blood off of his knife as he walked. He couldn
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 32 3
Reader x Levi - AU!Drunk Questions
Reader x Levi – AU!Drunk Questions
Warning for language

When Levi closes the door, you stir slightly. Lifting your head from the pillow, you bring a hand to your eyes, rubbing the sleep away.
         He swivels around, eyes wide with surprise. “Why are you awake, brat?” Levi places his briefcase on the ground and makes his way around to your side of the bed. His hand feels cold against your forehead when he brushes your hair out of the way. He’s been drinking again. “Is something wrong?”
         You take his hand and kiss his palm. “I just woke up now.. what time is it?”
         Embarrassment flickers in his eyes before he responds. “Like after midnight..” His lips meet your forehead and you can smell the strong liquor on his breath.
         “How far after mi
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 59 18
Such A Gentleman [Levi | Reader | High School AU]
"You don't need to help me with this, you know. I can do it alone." Annie stated, making you roll your eyes.
As if you were backing on her when she needed help. Plus, she was just searching for a way to prove she was independent. Not that you wouldn't do the exactly same if someone else tried to help big ol' stubborn you, but when it was you the one offering help then you were even more determined.
"Yes, but it would take twice as long." You argued with the blonde and she rolled her eyes with a sigh. Two boxes twice the size of her head were settled in her hands on top of one another, bags full of toys and books were hanging from her elbows as she glared ever so slightly in your direction. "If I'm here you won't need to do a second course." You made your point clear by picking up a few bags in each hand and letting them slide back to your elbows as you picked up a small column of three boxes.
"This is everything from the freshmen?"
Annie nodded as an answer and you sighed slightly.
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 32 12
Reader x Levi - Our Ten Promises
Fem!TitanShifter!Reader x Levi - Our Ten Promises
Warning for language
Image Inspiration
Please read the description as well ~ some updates in there!

Before the events of Attack on Titan [Anime]...
         Please stay with me as much as possible...

You run after Levi, hoping he would stop walking so you could talk with him. You’ve been meaning to speak with him for a while now, but something would always interrupt you.
         “Corporal Levi! Please wait up!”
         He comes to an abrupt stop, turns around suddenly, and eyes you with an annoyed expression. “You’ve been chasing after me nonstop, brat. What the fuck do you want?”
         “I-I.” You suddenly lose your ability to speak.
         “Hm? Spit it out.”
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 40 34
Wedding Day (LevixReader) AU
Levi groaned in annoyance as he heard the buzzing of his alarm clock. Time to start another meaningless day.
His routine was simple. He got up, he went to work, he came home, and he slept. On his rare days off, he would clean his apartment, but that was it. His life was utterly boring, and he couldn’t stand it.
His life wasn’t always like this. He used to have someone: a (color)-haired girl who would always make his day a little more interesting. He had loved her, and still did, very much, but he had lost her.
It had started as a petty argument, but it ended up ruining their entire relationship that they had spent four years building. The fight had went a little something like this: she wanted to get married and start a family, but he was scared of things changing between them and wanted their relationship to stay exactly the way it was; he made it clear that he had no intention of ever getting married, so she left.
It was stupid, and he regretted it every day since.
:iconsurveycorpsmember:surveycorpsmember 43 10
Only One Night? Levi x Chubby!Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 2,322
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes
There may be swearing. (Well, it’s Levi, duh.)
Modern AU!
Maybe suggestive sexual theme? Idk...
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
I feel like Levi would never be the type to do a one night stand. (That may be just blind love for him but it is what I think~) So thus this was born.
   ___ slowly got out of the stranger's bed, checking the time on her phone, it was almost the time she had to be home. She cursed quietly before wandering the room, gathering her clothes and putting them on. Being as silent as possible, careful to not wake the stranger from his bed. She saw a notebook on his nightstand, she leaned over and wrote a quick note which read; ‘Last night was amazing, thank you for being gentle. It was my first time. I hope you have a wonderful life!’ She smiled to herself, s
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 232 50
Can't You Love At All? Levi x Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 2,280
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes
There may be swearing. (It’s Levi, duh.)
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
I guess it get a bit PG-13? It’s nothing bad though. That’s there’s a warning for you.
   Levi watched her intently, as she sat with her squad, chatting about things from the training that day. He watched her walk over once Hange called her over.
   “Why don’t you sit at the Squad Leader table, like you're supposed to? Do you like your squad more than us?” Hange whined. ___ stared at her blankly. She was always calm, composed, rare smiles and giggles. She was so very kind and caring, but it was clear, after being in the Survey Corps for years, she didn’t have much emotion left to her.
   “I have to make sure they know me, trust me. My last squad didn
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 116 22
Levi x Reader |Massage|
Something was not right.
You looked around the mess hall to see what was wrong, some people would think you’re crazy, but your gut feeling was telling you something wasn’t right.
You furrowed your brows and continued to look until your gaze went on Levi and it was clear what was wrong.
He was stiff and tense, brows furrowing in pain, despite Erwin asking him what was wrong, the short male simply brushed it off, assuring the blonde he was fine, but you knew better.
You then remembered he said something about falling out of a tree three days ago while on the expedition, which didn’t surprise you, it was raining that day and the branches were wet, it was fortunate he wasn’t seriously injured.
You licked your lips and ate some of your soup. You looked up just in time for him to get to his feet and leave the mess hall, tense, you could see he was gritting his teeth, sore muscles was not fun, but you remember your mother taught you how to massage, you had Lavender oil
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 164 47
Seducing you? [Levi x Reader]


" Senior Team Leader, PAY ATTENTION. "

Your mouth slightly opens from hearing him scowl you. WHAT THE HECK?! CADET JEAN ONLY TOLD YOU THE STRAP FROM YOUR THIGH WASN'T CORRECTLY PUTTED. And then he readjusted it, which made you jump in a bit of surprise, making him smirk.
" Sorry, Corporal "
Your ascension is quite recently and it's still hard to asume that you are going to direct the first lines of battle.
Team 1 (led by the Senior Team Leader) performs armed reconnaissance. They’re responsible for proceeding ahead of the Corps, discovering Titans, and signaling their location. Even if their parents/siblings get eaten, they must ignore it and return to report to the Commander. 
You inhale and exhale quietly. It's not like you have anyone besides your brother in the lines, but he's in the middle of the formation, very close to the Captain's place.
It's not like the
:icondevianmarkov:DevianMarkov 112 19
Soulmate!AU Levi Ackermann x Reader
Soulmate!AU Levi x Reader
Levi was never the man to love someone. He would constantly remind himself that love was a stupid and a pointless emotion. He constantly thought that he was a man that no one would ever love nor care about. Levi made a shell around himself, not allowing anyone to break through and read his real feelings; the ones hidden under.
Love was only an illusion.
Yet why was there a timer on his wrist, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until he would meet his destined one?
10days 16hours 18minutes 46seconds
Levi was strolling down the streets, scanning the scenery. He was looking for his favorite coffee shop; the Café Corps. It was quite the weird name, but since they made such an amazing and tasteful coffee, Levi didn't care. It was a routine to visit the coffee shop at least thrice a week, and today was Saturday, currently his second time walking in to the very welcoming place. He would have to visit the day after, too.
Levi ordered his usual; bl
:iconxiiilnt:XIIILNT 41 2
Eclipse. (Levi x Reader) || Modern!AU/Soulmate!AU

For: trynxx
Character: Levi Ackerman
Colour: Forest Green and Vivid Violet
Genre: Fluffy
Prompt / Quote / Song: Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue
Additional Info: Modern!AU / Soulmate!AU, Stargazing
Word Count: 747
No one knows who writes the letters, and no one knows when-- and even if-- they'll receive one.
You've heard of people creating elaborate devices to watch every corner of their property, but somehow, the letters make their way to their respective recipients without a trace of how it happened.
And once said recipient opens the letter, they now know either one of two things-- where they'll meet their soulmate, or when they'll meet them-- but never both.
Your letter comes in on a breezy spring morning, in the centre of your kitchen table; its edges perfectly parallel to the lines of the wooden s
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 42 32
Detention | Principal!Levi x Teacher!Reader
    Nervousness practically oozed off you as you stood outside his door. After only being principal of this school for just a year, he already easily managed to strike fear into both the students and staff. No student dared to do any wrongdoing out of fear of being sent to his office, not to mention the staff was terrified of looking like they were slacking off.
    Being one of the school’s greatest teachers, you never thought you had anything to fear. You never slacked off and you always kept the students on task even when the last principal was still working at the school. Thinking about it, you couldn’t tell which one was worse. The old, perverted man who got what was coming to him when he was fired or this new man who even you feared; Levi Ackerman.
    Swallowing down the fear, you reached for the handle of the door and slowly opened it. As you stepped inside the tidy o
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 91 15

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So I was tagged by pagesofmylife (Still can't believe that someone thought about me T^T ) Party

1. Real Name: Maria 

2. Nickname: no,but I always wanted one :c Sniff

3. Favorite Color: Blueeeee Bullet; Blue

4. Male or female?: Female

5. Elementary/Primary School: Completed

6. Middle/Secondary School: Completed

7. High School/College-Sixth Form: Completed

8. College/University: 2nd year :3 Reading

9. Hair Color: Silver

10. Tall or Short?: 5'6" 

11. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera?: Phone

13. Health or Freak?: eeeeeeh?

14. Orange or Apple?: Apple 

15. Fucked off Elsewhere: uhm what ._. ?

16. Guy friends or Girl Friends?: Both

17. Piercings?: Ear piercings,Nostril and Septum piercings

18. Pepsi or Coke?: Coke

19. Have you been on an airplane?: No,I'm so afraid :c 

20. Have you been in a relationship?: Yes

21. Have you been in a car accident?: Thank god,no

22. Have you been in a fist fight?: No Turbo poke

23. First Piercing?: Ears

24. Best Friend(s): I used to have some but now no.

25. First Award:I won a medal once in a football game ( I was sitting on the beanch,but it still counts,right?)

26. First Crush: Uhm,I dont remember

27. First Word: dunno :c

28. Any Talent(s)?: I can do this : Nuu

29. Last person you talked to?: my sister 

30. Last person you texted?: John

31. Last person you watched a movie with?: My sister 

32. Last thing you ate?: pizza HeartHeartHeart

33. Last movie/TV show you watched?: rings/the ring 3

34. Last song you listened to?: Ice Nine Kills- The Simple Act of Giving up HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

35. Last thing you bought?: A dress

36. Last person you hugged?: My sister and a friend (group hug)


37. Food: Pizza

38. Drink: I dont drink 

39. Bottoms: ?

40. Flower: roses Flowerpot

41. Animal: foxes or cats (I cant choose T^T ) Kitty-chan

42. Music: Rock

43. Movie: Dunno Popcorn

Have you ever...

45. Fallen in love with someone? yes

46. Celebrated Halloween?: no Pumpkin

47. Had your heart broken?: *picking up the pieces of my broken heart* no 8-) (Cool) 

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?: Yeah

49. Had someone like you?: yes

50. Hated the way someone changed?: yup

51. Got pg?: what?

52. Had an abortion?: No.

53. Did something you regret?: We all do.

54. Broken a promise?: yes

55. Hid a secret?: yes Ninja

56. Pretend to be happy?: Happy cry (Tears of joy)

57. Met someone who has changed your life?: not yet

58. Pretended to be sick?: When I didn't want to go to school

59. Left the country?: No 

60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it ?: no XD

61. Cried over the silliest thing?: you just described my life in one sentence Dance!

62. Ran a mile?: Yeah

63. Gone to the beach with your best friend?: 2 years ago

64. Gotten into an argument with your friends?: yeah..

65. Disliked someone?: Some people

66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf?: No


67. Eating: nothing

68. Drinking: peach iced tea

69. Listening to: FFH - Undone Jamming to mah stereo

70. Sitting or laying?: Laying

71. Plans for today?:  Sleeping all day Sleep

72. Waiting for: Summer,Snk season 2 :squee: 

73. Want kids?: Yeap

74. Want to get married?:Yes

75. Want to travel?: Of course

 What do you look for in a partner? 

76. Lips or eyes?: Eyes

77. Shorter or taller?: Both

78. Younger or older?: Both

79. Romantic or spontaneous?: Both

80. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive

81. Hook-up or relationship?: Relationship

82. Looks or personality?: Personality

 Have you ever...

83. Lost glasses?: No

84. Snuck out of the house?: nope

85. Held a gun/knife in self-defence?: No 

86. Killed somebody?: (*hides the gun and the body* )Ninja Battle! (jk ofcGiggle)

87. Broke someone's heart?: Unfortunately I did 

88. Been in love?: Yes

89. Cried when someone dies?: Yes

Do you believe in...

90. Yourself?: Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3 

91. Miracles?: Yes

92. Love at first sight?: Yes

93. Heaven?: yes

94. Santa Claus?:Wait,what?Santa isn't real?Santa Clause

95. Aliens?: No

96. Ghosts/angels?: Ghost, no. Angels? yes Floating


97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now?: Yes

98. Do you know who your real friends are?: No

99. Do you believe in God?: Yes

100. Post as 100 Truths and tag 5 people: 



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