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Earl Grey (Levi x Reader) [Victorian AU] |London|
Warnings for Strong Language!!
The rain was coming down hard. Obstructing your vision even further with the mix of heavy smog that poured from the slender chimneys of every building in the city. The smoke would roll into the sky only to be pushed back down into the streets by the thick rain and strong winds. The bite of the cold November air and icy water droplets against your skin was counteracted by the heavy burning in your lungs and muscles as you ran faster than you ever thought possible down one of the cobblestone side streets. Trying to quickly find a place to seek refuge from the two police officers currently at your heel.
Luckily for you the sun was already beginning to go down. Dark shadows wrapped around every building in sight with each minute drop of the large, fiery star. Successfully allowing you to move your small frame through the shade. As you turned out of the alley to make way onto one of th
:icondirtylevi:dirtylevi 240 88
I Do (Levi X Reader)
“Levi. Ackerman,” an amused voice called out from the doorway. Said man didn’t need to turn around to know who it was and didn’t bother answering. It was Hanji, “Are you actually nervous right now?”
He didn’t respond to her. He just continued to adjust his signature cravat – the one (Name) had sewn for him a couple months ago after learning his other one had been torn on duty.
“Oh, Levi!” Hanji giggled, almost mockingly, as she clasped her hands together, “How uncharacteristically cute of you!”
“Shouldn’t you be elsewhere?” Levi growled, “Like, say, bothering the bride?”
Hanji just laughed her usual, obnoxious laugh as she strode closer to Levi.
“I can see your nervous expression from the mirror, shorty."
At Hanji’s confession, Levi pivots to the right, walking away from the mirror and towards the window. Hanji laughed again.
“You can’t escape from
:iconfiammajoule:FiammaJoule 305 97
It's You // Pt. 2 || Levi x Reader (Soulmate AU)
Author’s Note: Hange is desperately trying to get you and Levi together but you’re both too stubborn to believe or admit your feelings to one another. P.S. SORRY FOR SLIGHT OOC LEVI, HE GETS IN HIS FEELS MAN.
WARNING: You know, the usual swearing that comes with Levi x Reader stories! Also the occasional sentence can be taken multiple ways, if you know what I mean ;)
Soulmate AU: When you’re born you have half a tattoo on the side of your wrist and your soulmate has the other half and so when you hold hands, the two halves make the whole.
Once in your room, you decided to call Hange to let her kno
:iconawwfandoms:awwfandoms 51 22
It's You // Pt. 1 || Levi x Reader (Soulmate AU)
Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my first time writing a soulmate AU and this idea literally hit me out of nowhere when I was looking at pictures for this other piece I wrote about for Levi. I hope you enjoy it since I combined a college AU to it and sorry if Levi is OOC!
Soulmate AU: When you are born, you have half a tattoo on the side of your wrist and your soulmate has the other half and so when you hold hands, the two halves make the whole.
“UGH!” You screeched as you plopped your head on your desk while your hands tugged on your messy [H/C] bun. Being a Biology major was hard, especially if you were doing it for pre-med. Besides that, you also minored in Psychology — go you for wanting to become a surgeon. You turned your head to look at your open door. Across from your room was Levi Ackerman’s room. Him and Hange were your roommates and thank the heavens that you all suffered with the same cours
:iconawwfandoms:awwfandoms 60 18
Say Something 3 [Regretful!LevixWriter!Reader]

It has been two months. Everyone by now knew about what happened. And all the office seemed to be so grey, and so dull, it was hard to imagine how this same place before it happened was so lively and with such a great work-mood. Nobody ever wandered why it was like this... The excited and young writers influence.
But since you were gone, it all has changed. Now it was difficult to even try to conversate with one writer; a kind of separation has been made between the "economic" part, the ones who took care of sales , and the ones who did the magic and wrote their ideas down, the creative group of the industry, the group you belonged to since you graduated from university.
But the place was silent. Levi and the sales group were talking about the delay of your last book, which was supposed to be at the public market a moth ago. But it was unfinished, and nobody dared to touch it or continued it; it was the last part of the chapter of
:icondevianmarkov:DevianMarkov 319 94
Say Something! 2 [Cheater!Levi x Writer!Reader]

 Say something, I'm giving up on you

I'll be the one, if you want me to

Yes, he had ran off his work following you. Everyone had see you both argue from time to time but your reconciliations were so cute that everyone let it pass... Until now. 
Because Levi was the type which after he had said something wrong or have yelled at you would make up with flowers, kisses, and all type of romantic things... Once he even bought a first edition of one of your favourite british romantic books... Yes, that was a great point... But did he do that out of guilty? Probably, yes.
In the middle of the center of the office you remember having thrown him your dear ring. That extremely expensive diamond ring which united you both one day... Now only meaned treason and pain... It burned your finger.
You  remember you got in the elevator as quickly as you could and Le
:icondevianmarkov:DevianMarkov 380 120
Say Something Cheater!Levi x Writer!Reader

Say Something 
Cheater!Levi x Writer!Reader
Say something,
I'm giving up on you.

How many time has it passed... Since you two said a "I love you"? 
You stare at the grey walls of your bedroom, of both of you.
This, five years ago was your love nest, the place you couldn't left with the other. You remember when in the night you had sometimes to wake up to continue writing after you both have made love in that innocent bed, which was usually a mess.
But now... Now it seemed like a lost memory in your body.
" I'm home ", you whisper, wishing he would appear as a surprise from work... But no. How could that ever happen...?
Anywhere I
would have followed you.
Since you arrived to this new city, where he was supposed to move alone because of work, things have changed. And you didn't know what.
That frustrate you.
Because you loved him that much that you even ask for a change of editorial in orde
:icondevianmarkov:DevianMarkov 436 94
Learning Literature [AU] Teacher!Levi x Reader.

" Damn, he sure knows how to wear that pants "
" Can't agree more ".
All the girls were almost purring from seeing teacher Ackerman in that tighty-pants. 
Even Reiner's ass (the best ass until he came) seemed plain comparing to his. 
But now, you had a boyfriend... Or something of the kind.
Eren was a good boy, and he kissed you a week ago, but since then none of you have talked about it.
And you weren't sure about him... It seems like he really likes you, but in that kiss you didn't feel anything.
Your relationship's archive was small; you went out with Jean in kindergarten (if you could call sharing lunch and inocent kisses as going out) and Reiner. It was a weird period of your life where all you wanted was to experience new feelings and touches. Reiner sure knew how to treat a lady, if you know what I
:icondevianmarkov:DevianMarkov 55 12
Top Secret Mission (Levi X Reader) AU
~ A/N: Both Characters are 21+ ~
    "Did you get it?"
    "Yeah, I got it."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I'm pretty sure I know what I'm holding."
    "Are they the purple kind though?"
    "...what the fuck are you talking about?"
    Levi glared down at the small package in his hand, its emerald plastic decorated with an assortment of blue and yellow flowers. Holding the phone up to his ear with his free hand, he scoffed and glanced up and down the aisle of the drugstore before hastily whispering into the small device. "You said Tampax right? That's the kind I have."
    "Yeah, but there's like seventy different kinds of Tampax, you have to get the purple kind with pink and orange flowers on it." she said.
    He was silent for a moment as he scanned the shelves before grabbing the correct bag and placing the other in the exact place he found it before. "This is embarrassing," he mumb
:icongreystream:Greystream 82 31
Police!Levi x Hostage!Reader: Take me home...
How long had it been since I'd last seen sunlight? I didn't even know anymore it had been so long, months maybe. I was taken from my home, from my family. The day I was taken started out just like any other, the same routine - except this time the ended was different. I was walking home from school when I was taken, walking down the same path I'd always taken. I used to spent my days doing my homework, having silly conversations over the phone with my friends - Now it was a battle for survival. 
I spent most of my time bound by the ankles and wrists to a chair a blindfold over my eyes casting me into darkness. Living in absolute fear at the mercy of my attacker, I knew his motives he wanted money and a lot of it, more money than what my family could afford. Religion wasn't my thing but I pray every morning and every night for my safety hoping that the big guy upstairs was listening. Being here locked away for so long had started to take a toll on me, the only reason I was still he
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 259 18
Meus Pulchra Pupae ~ {Levi x Doll!Reader} PART 1
this is requested by my lovely: :iconparfaitchu:! sorry this took a bit, sweetie! ;A; this fic will be split into two parts.
Day 1:
Thunder and lightning galled the short captain. He hunched over his desk, his elbow aching from the pressure on the wood and his hand rubbing his temples. Furiously, he continued to scribble his quill over the papers and clicked his tongue in aggravation. He hated storms.
Because storms means paperwork.
And paperwork means more stress and headaches.
"Shit," he lackadaisically tossed his quill on the side of his desk and ran both hands through his cropped hair. "This never ends."
A soft knock on his door only irritated Levi more. He didn't want to be disturbed by now, especially if it was Hanji or Eren outside. He groaned. "Who the hell is it?"
Silenced etched in his ears. No answer? Normally he'd receive a, 'It's me, Hanji! Open the door, shorty!' or an, 'E-Eren Jaeger, sir!' Sometimes Levi would receive Erwin's voice saying, 'Open up, L
:iconpostie-toastie:postie-toastie 160 87
Teacher!Levi x Student!Reader |Modern|Highschool|
    He is simply amazing. His long, elegant fingers delicately holding the chalk as he writes. His stern yet gentle speaking voice. His stubble perfectly accentuating his cheekbones. His beautiful eyes scan across the sea of faces. His exquisite voice calling out.
    "___. ____. Are you still with us? Somebody  smack some sense into her."
    A nearby student punches my arm and I jerk to a standing position.
    "The transcontinental railroad!" I answer and sit back down.
    "Miss ____. This is English. You're supposed to be following with us." Professor Ackerman sighed.
    "Yessir," I mumbled. "What page are we on."
    "I don't know," he shrugged. "Class, please tell ___ what page we're on."
    "47," the students droned.
    "Thank you," I said sheepishly. I turned to the page and began reading. "The Secret Lives of Cows. They do not type letters to Farmer Brown. They do no
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 25 13
Sorry (pt.3)- Levi X Reader
Part three of this
"(Y/N), I messed up." You roll your eyes at the man standing in your doorway.
"No kidding. Bye Levi." You close the door, only to be stopped by his foot in the doorway.
"(Y/N). Just listen to me." His stare isn't as cold as you're used to. It sickens you.
"Levi. Get your foot out of my door. Now." You growl.
"(Y/N). Just listen." You're getting real tired of this. You slightly open the door again so you can see him better.
"No Levi. You listen to me. You do not get to come to my house unannounced and demand my attention. I don't owe you anything, so you need to leave right now, or I'm going to call the cops." 
Levi breathes out of his nose. He's trying so hard to be polite and civil-like, but with his temper and your 'willingness to cooperate', it's getting pretty tough.
"No you won't." He challenges you.
"Just watch me." You slam the door shut despite his f
:iconamir416:Amir416 13 7
You're Gonna Miss Me (pt.2)- Levi X Reader
Sequel to:this
I got my ticket for the long way ‘round
Two bottle ‘a whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I’m leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?
I've always preferred to live my life with no regrets. No way was I going to allow myself to regret breaking up with (Y/N). But if I don't regret it, than why does it hurt so bad? Of course we weren't ready yet, but I was hoping to eventually get married to that woman, start a family like she wanted, to spend the rest of my life with her. I guess life doesn't always go according to plan, and you just have to deal with it.           
I don't care.     I don't care.     I don't care.
When I’m gone
When I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me e
:iconamir416:Amir416 16 10
All You Need Is Love (pt.1)- Levi X Reader
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say, but you can learn
How to play the game
It's easy.

"Pretty please?" You stick your bottom lip out in a pleading pout.

"How many times do I have to tell you, (Y/N). I don't want any of that filthy crap on my face!"
"But Levi!" You whine while waving your brush around. "It's just face paint. It's not going to hurt you. Look, there's blue and green and orange." You look fondly at the different colors, pointing to each one as its name is said.
"You're looking at those paints like you love them more than me." Levi accuses you.
"So what? Are you going to let me paint your face or not?"
"I already told you, no." Levi glares at you with steel eyes.
"Oh come on. Not even a heart, for our love?" You grin and waggle your eyebrows at him.
"Not even a heart for our love."
"Geez Levi. There's no need to be so heart
:iconamir416:Amir416 22 8
She's Mine, Pt. 2 (Levi X Reader)
~A/N: Haven't Read Pt. 1 Yet? Read It Here-
Listen As You Read! ~

Catch me, don't you, catch me, don't you
Catch me, I've fallen in love
For the first time

    The blissful serenity of slumber was a treat sweeter than the most delicious confection on earth. Allowing yourself to slip away into a world of your own imagination, where the best and worst things can be fathomed within the short period of time your body needs to rest. Sleep is something most cherished, and would rather not be disturbed during these precious hours.
    Yet, you usually didn't have a choice when you were awoken by shrill, needy cries echoing from the other room.
    Levi's eyelids snapped open at the familiar sound, staring into the back of his wife's head and trailing his gaze up and down her figure, he attempted to asses how asleep she really
:icongreystream:Greystream 82 32

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So I was tagged by pagesofmylife (Still can't believe that someone thought about me T^T ) Party

1. Real Name: Maria 

2. Nickname: no,but I always wanted one :c Sniff

3. Favorite Color: Blueeeee Bullet; Blue

4. Male or female?: Female

5. Elementary/Primary School: Completed

6. Middle/Secondary School: Completed

7. High School/College-Sixth Form: Completed

8. College/University: 2nd year :3 Reading

9. Hair Color: Silver

10. Tall or Short?: 5'6" 

11. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera?: Phone

13. Health or Freak?: eeeeeeh?

14. Orange or Apple?: Apple 

15. Fucked off Elsewhere: uhm what ._. ?

16. Guy friends or Girl Friends?: Both

17. Piercings?: Ear piercings,Nostril and Septum piercings

18. Pepsi or Coke?: Coke

19. Have you been on an airplane?: No,I'm so afraid :c 

20. Have you been in a relationship?: Yes

21. Have you been in a car accident?: Thank god,no

22. Have you been in a fist fight?: No Turbo poke

23. First Piercing?: Ears

24. Best Friend(s): I used to have some but now no.

25. First Award:I won a medal once in a football game ( I was sitting on the beanch,but it still counts,right?)

26. First Crush: Uhm,I dont remember

27. First Word: dunno :c

28. Any Talent(s)?: I can do this : Nuu

29. Last person you talked to?: my sister 

30. Last person you texted?: John

31. Last person you watched a movie with?: My sister 

32. Last thing you ate?: pizza HeartHeartHeart

33. Last movie/TV show you watched?: rings/the ring 3

34. Last song you listened to?: Ice Nine Kills- The Simple Act of Giving up HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

35. Last thing you bought?: A dress

36. Last person you hugged?: My sister and a friend (group hug)


37. Food: Pizza

38. Drink: I dont drink 

39. Bottoms: ?

40. Flower: roses Flowerpot

41. Animal: foxes or cats (I cant choose T^T ) Kitty-chan

42. Music: Rock

43. Movie: Dunno Popcorn

Have you ever...

45. Fallen in love with someone? yes

46. Celebrated Halloween?: no Pumpkin

47. Had your heart broken?: *picking up the pieces of my broken heart* no 8-) (Cool) 

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?: Yeah

49. Had someone like you?: yes

50. Hated the way someone changed?: yup

51. Got pg?: what?

52. Had an abortion?: No.

53. Did something you regret?: We all do.

54. Broken a promise?: yes

55. Hid a secret?: yes Ninja

56. Pretend to be happy?: Happy cry (Tears of joy)

57. Met someone who has changed your life?: not yet

58. Pretended to be sick?: When I didn't want to go to school

59. Left the country?: No 

60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it ?: no XD

61. Cried over the silliest thing?: you just described my life in one sentence Dance!

62. Ran a mile?: Yeah

63. Gone to the beach with your best friend?: 2 years ago

64. Gotten into an argument with your friends?: yeah..

65. Disliked someone?: Some people

66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf?: No


67. Eating: nothing

68. Drinking: peach iced tea

69. Listening to: FFH - Undone Jamming to mah stereo

70. Sitting or laying?: Laying

71. Plans for today?:  Sleeping all day Sleep

72. Waiting for: Summer,Snk season 2 :squee: 

73. Want kids?: Yeap

74. Want to get married?:Yes

75. Want to travel?: Of course

 What do you look for in a partner? 

76. Lips or eyes?: Eyes

77. Shorter or taller?: Both

78. Younger or older?: Both

79. Romantic or spontaneous?: Both

80. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive

81. Hook-up or relationship?: Relationship

82. Looks or personality?: Personality

 Have you ever...

83. Lost glasses?: No

84. Snuck out of the house?: nope

85. Held a gun/knife in self-defence?: No 

86. Killed somebody?: (*hides the gun and the body* )Ninja Battle! (jk ofcGiggle)

87. Broke someone's heart?: Unfortunately I did 

88. Been in love?: Yes

89. Cried when someone dies?: Yes

Do you believe in...

90. Yourself?: Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3Meow :3 

91. Miracles?: Yes

92. Love at first sight?: Yes

93. Heaven?: yes

94. Santa Claus?:Wait,what?Santa isn't real?Santa Clause

95. Aliens?: No

96. Ghosts/angels?: Ghost, no. Angels? yes Floating


97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now?: Yes

98. Do you know who your real friends are?: No

99. Do you believe in God?: Yes

100. Post as 100 Truths and tag 5 people: 



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